Buy Silk Sarees online

Buy Silk Sarees online

There are not many people in India that aren’t conscious of the grandeur of this Kanchipuram Silk. The Kanchipuram Silk Saree is just one of a type from several points of view. The main highlights among them are Korvai and Petani. Korvai is your strategy of linking the outskirt into the entire body of the saree.

Special Features:

Since color and designs of the body, and pallu are very distinct, weavers weave them individually and finally join them. It’s possible to see a zig zag pattern (referred to as the pitni) in which the body matches the pallu. It’s also quite a frequent custom to weave the edge of this saree individually and then combine the three collectively. The linking of those three (called korvai) is performed with such precision. Because, even when the saree rips, the boundary won’t detach. Additionally, since the zari consists of three silk threads twisted with silver cord, fabric is very strong and durable. This, though, can also increase the weight, which makes a normal Kanjeevaram saree too hefty as two kilos.


Kanjivaram sarees are famous for their vibrant colors and eye catching layouts, which are primarily inspired by the scriptures and figurines out of the very numerous temples in this little village. Considering that pallu and body vary in design and colour, you can expect an assortment of contrasting colours also.

Motifs / Patterns:

Since its beginning, Kanchipuram silk sarees have remained true to the addition of temple figurines and mythical stories to the plan.Buy Silk Sarees online

The border of these sarees comprises of motifs from temples, palaces and overall paintings. And the body incorporates pyramidal temple layouts, stripes, checks and floral buttas.

For many years, the conventional and much favored design was stripes or gold dot. These designs have contributed to more emblematic motifs like fruits, animals, birds, tthe sun and the moon. It has also given way to tales from mythology.


Kanchipuram Silk Sarees was originally a nine-yard weave but through time the more realistic six-yard weave has been included also. The first silver and gold zari is also replaced by a cost-effective aluminum or aluminum zari that handles to continue to the sheen of this feel whilst reducing the price. But if you would like an original you have to make certain that the zari function isn’t artificial.Buy Silk Sarees online

Price range

An original saree with pure silk and pure zari can cost anywhere between Rs.10,000 and Rs.2,00,000. Budgeted versions with pure silk and fake zari or the half silk-half faux and fake zari saree, continue to the sheen of the original, but miss out to the durability of the fabric. These sarees cost a whole lot less and also even purchased at a cost of just Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000. Nonetheless, these aren’t regarded as originals.

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